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Got My Own Mind, I Wanna Make My Own Decisions

Many women are balancing several priorities—career, family, friends, and other obligations. Often, investing gets lost in the shuffle, meaning women may not be ensuring that the money they’ve worked so hard to earn is working hard for them.

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Women, Divorce and Retirement

While the divorce rate peaked in 2000 in the U.S., the financial costs continue to be high: a divorcing couple pays legal fees, may need to sell illiquid assets, and has to cover the costs of two – rather than one – residence. Furthermore, a divorce has a huge impact on the respective spouse’s retirement prospects, with divorced women usually left with less financial security than their male counterparts.

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Women's ability to achieve financial security is more daunting than we may realize. Here are some facts to hammer home why it is crucial  that we are proactive in planning for our future financial, health and long-term care needs.


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The contributors to WAFAN are all local, Bay Area professionals. We are all experts in our respective fields. In addition to providing thoughtful, educational and actionable content here, we are available to help the community with our individual services.

We are advocates of the "4 Cs" to help women gain more confidence when dealing with personal finance challenges:

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