Women and Finances Advocacy Network’s contributors adhere to the following standard of CARE:

C – collaborate – We are not here to dictate; we are here to listen to a prospective client’s unique situation and work with them so together we find a path to whatever financial solutions she seeks. In every collaboration, the client’s best interest is put first.

A – authentic – Those contacting us for help will deal directly with us and not be passed off. At all times, we will be up front about our expertise, the services we provide and how we are compensated for these services. Clients will know exactly what our expertise can help with, and what it cannot. And if we can’t provide the answers she seeks, we’ll help her find someone who can.

R – responsive – Prospective clients are relying on us to help them. As such we will respond within 24 hours of inquiries and follow-ups. We treat clients as we would like to be treated by any professional we choose to work with.

E – educate and inform – Potential clients are relying on us to be a resource to answer their most pressing financial questions. As such we are required to keep up with latest news and trends in our respective fields so we are in a position to “pass it along.” Furthermore, we keep any credentials earned up-to-date and in good standing.



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