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Divorce and Social Security

The rise of “grey divorces” – the dissolution of marriage for couples age 50 and older – presents a new challenge in America’s retirement landscape. Today, one in four divorces in the U.S. is a grey divorce, a number which has doubled since 1990. One of the toughest challenges to grey divorce is that inevitably, the retirement plan that may have supported a couple for the rest of their lives will now be divided up…

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Women, Divorce and Retirement

While the divorce rate peaked in 2000 in the U.S., the financial costs continue to be high: a divorcing couple pays legal fees, may need to sell illiquid assets, and has to cover the costs of two – rather than one – residence. Furthermore, a divorce has a huge impact on the respective spouse’s retirement prospects, with divorced women usually left with less financial security than their male counterparts.

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